Research Paper – Abstract Re-worded

I decided to go back to the original idea with comparing mobile games with RPG games such as Dark Souls, Skyrim, and Dragon Age. Instead of just focusing on mobile games.


This paper focuses on whether video game players feel rewarded by gaining achievements when completing challenging tasks that require skill and knowledge, or do they feel more rewarded when given achievements frequently for less of a challenge.

Intro/ Abstract continued?

What do people find rewarding about playing videos games? Is it the feeling of triumph when faced with an unbeatable enemy and somehow defying all odds and pushing though to beat them and gaining a new achievement? Or do people feel more rewarded getting achievements for half the effort by completing simple tasks. This paper investigates player preferences towards games that feature achievements, focusing on how much effort they want to spend in order to obtain them…

  • Examples of games which are difficult to gain achievements and those that give players achievements frequently.
  • Compare Mobile titles with RPG titles.

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