Research Essay: Feedback from Draft and Presentation

17th May Presentation:

It was discussed that I should look more into psychological readings to help understand why people do certain things, as it could help to understand why people strive for rewards and what motivates them to complete tasks.

Also the types of rewards that the task should be achievable or drag on. For example,  if a player obtains an object but it states they have gained 1/400 will it discourage the player as the task seems too strenuous. However some people may think of it as a challenge.

This brings me to the feedback which was completing tasks to obtain more story, equipment or unlock-able items which can only be obtained by finishing a certain task.

Another was are achievements a game within itself? Does it create longer game time as it gives the player something to do after the main story is complete.

24th May Draft Feedback:

One of the most important remarks from feedback was rewording my topic question to be more of a question and for it not to be too long. Another was modifying my topic to be more related to “what do people find rewarding about playing video games” as it linked more to the topics discussed in my research paper and the sources.

Challenge vs no challenge was also discuss and noted that it “would be great if you could expand/answer/attempt answering these questions” and find their motivations for the way these player play.

Another was discussing what motivates players and rewards as a key factor to motivation. Which should be discussed and explored earlier in the paper rather than later as it is at the moment.

It was also stated that I should look in to reward loops.




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