Contingent reward Systems

Contingent reward System:

This week I have been reading about contingent reward systems and how they relate to video games. Contingent rewards are used so that people are motivated to do the task given to them. This is highly related to my topic as I am focusing on how rewards motivate players in video games. I have only started to research this topic however it is already easy to see strong similarities to that of some video games. Some of my sources discuss how it is important not to hand out rewards of similar type too frequently as it could lead to lack of interest as the person has already obtained that reward.

So far I have been finding more sources to back up my statements and I have also been finding new topics to discuss that are more related too human psychology and behavior which could explain on a more evolutionary level why we seek rewards. I still need quite a few words but I am aiming to complete this essay in the next week so that I can get more feedback from lecturers.


-Amber Jobbitt



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