Dopamine and how it relates to rewards

This week I have been focusing on re-structuring my essay as it has become out of order due to new ideas and sections. A key idea I learn from researching this week is the chemical dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical released is a chemical released in the brain which makes us feel pleasure and satisfaction when doing an activity. This is important as dopamine is released when people earn rewards and can be part of the reason that people become addicted to certain things. I found some sources on the topic that I can relate to video games one of which from Dreher, Kohn, Kolachana, Weinberger & Berman in their paper Variation in dopamine genes influences responsivity of the human reward system, discusses how people and animals have an increase of dopamine when anticipating a rewards and then again when receiving the reward.

I’ve also slowly started to check grammar and spelling which is taking the most time due to the amount of words. I have been siting and referencing my sources and quotes as I go so I can now spend time on the more important tasks. I still need 700 words for my essay but I have left this amount so that I can add onto topics without the fear of going over the word count.

-Amber Jobbitt



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